The Legacy Of Pablo

I should start this off with a quick disclaimer. Much has been said/discussed/tweeted in regards to Kanye West’s recent antics, for lack of a better word: the Twitter beef, the BILL COSBY INNOCENT debacle, the talk of multi-(like, multi-) million dollar debt. Shoutout Mark Zuckerberg. Point being, there are smarter, more in-the-loop writers than myself who have taken on the latest of Kanye’s non-musical exploits. Instead, I’ve chosen to focus on The Life Of Pablo, West’s latest release, in terms of its musical impact. And besides, it would take weeks for me to organize all of my thoughts on “Kanye the Public Figure” into a coherent piece of writing.

Herein lies the paradox of Kanye West. He’s a larger than life figure, one who is often seen as controversial, abrasive, offensive, or out of touch with non-Kardashian reality. For many, this type of public perception would spell career death. Hell, even Kanye became a pariah following everyone’s favourite instance of stage-storming. So why do we care about him so much? Continue reading

Spotlight On…Bloc Party

‘Spotlight On…’ is a column from CanadianCollective that highlights new, notable, or under-appreciated artists in the music world. The aim of this column is to inform the reader about the artist(s), explain their significance/relevance in today’s music scene, and showcase some of their greatest contributions to our ears. Today’s pick: Bloc Party. Continue reading