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Hello again, stranger. This is the companion piece to my first, An Absurd Introduction. Its better half if you will; its weirder half if you won’t. The first time ’round I touched on existentialism generally and Albert Camus’ absurdism specifically. I included abrasive quotations from Camus and provided interpretations, ultimately arguing that all this hopelessness wasn’t so bleak. The themes and aims continue here, in Part II. Cue Jean-Paul Sartre.  Continue reading

An Absurd Introduction


When you read the words existential or existentialism you probably think “crisis” next. “Brooding.” “Bleak.” “Not for me!” “When will someone invent a larger ketchup packet?” I understand the thought process. It seems all too natural to limit your involvement with the subject to a vapid BuzzFeed listicle (that may or may not break multiple capitalization rules) before realizing that you are indeed having quite a hard time keeping up with  the Kardashians.

Existentialism. Don’t knock it ’til you try it, folks. But what is it? My goal is to answer that as concisely as possible here, linking elsewhere as I see fit. This is Part I, focusing solely on Albert Camus. Next time the focus will shift to Jean-Paul Sartre. Their ideas have changed me. Continue reading