Oh My Dog: An Untitled Work of Fiction

Many months ago I started writing some fiction. It follows the horizontal line below. I didn’t know:

  • what I was doing;
  • actually, that’s it. I guess I didn’t need a list.


You might recognize commonalities between the text and my own life- that is intentional and very much a tribute to Tim O’Brien’s “The Things They Carried”. It’s one of my very favourite novels. The fact remains, however, that like TTTC this is a work of fiction. 

I choose to write about what I know. If the characters weren’t inspired by people I know or knew, they wouldn’t be inspiring to read. Nonetheless, the characters are fictional. Sorry for knowing me.


Chapter 1:

Six feet cracked the frost beneath, Camus gasped like a tired, corroded engine as he pulled on his lead and Matt Berninger’s baritone humdrum bellowed in my ears. Camus was willing me forward, steering me from the suburban sidewalk and into the frost of the fields despite headwinds drawing his eyes shut and the taut nylon that choked at his marble marbled neck. He was bounding, shivering frantic. His eyes reddening, his ears listening, his every muscle twitching to go. Wilde Jagd.

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4 Ideas: A Goal in Mind

A Goal in Mind is a co-ed, recreational soccer tournament held in Waterloo Region in support of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), National. The second iteration of the event will take place on June 25, 2016. Once again, all event proceeds will go to CMHA, National. All it takes to register is a minimum $25 donation. Sign up today!



It’s a question I’m asked every day. More often than not it is I who is asking. Why?

Why coordinate a soccer tournament that fundraises for mental health initiatives?

My answer tends to vary from one day to the next, but what follows is a list of the common themes that tend to emerge. Continue reading

This Article Exists


Hello again, stranger. This is the companion piece to my first, An Absurd Introduction. Its better half if you will; its weirder half if you won’t. The first time ’round I touched on existentialism generally and Albert Camus’ absurdism specifically. I included abrasive quotations from Camus and provided interpretations, ultimately arguing that all this hopelessness wasn’t so bleak. The themes and aims continue here, in Part II. Cue Jean-Paul Sartre.  Continue reading

An Absurd Introduction


When you read the words existential or existentialism you probably think “crisis” next. “Brooding.” “Bleak.” “Not for me!” “When will someone invent a larger ketchup packet?” I understand the thought process. It seems all too natural to limit your involvement with the subject to a vapid BuzzFeed listicle (that may or may not break multiple capitalization rules) before realizing that you are indeed having quite a hard time keeping up with  the Kardashians.

Existentialism. Don’t knock it ’til you try it, folks. But what is it? My goal is to answer that as concisely as possible here, linking elsewhere as I see fit. This is Part I, focusing solely on Albert Camus. Next time the focus will shift to Jean-Paul Sartre. Their ideas have changed me. Continue reading