On DeMar DeRozan, and Other Raptors Playoff Thoughts

First things first: DeMar DeRozan is a good professional basketball player. A very good professional basketball player, even, as evidenced by his 23.5 points per game during the regular season, to go along with two NBA All-Star Game appearances. He is one of the faces of the Toronto Raptors franchise, the team’s all-time leading playoff scorer, and has been a part of the most successful regular seasons in franchise history.

Put that all together, and you have a legitimate NBA player. Furthermore, DeRozan has embraced both the city of Toronto, and the work it takes to improve as a basketball player at the professional level, getting better in each of his 7 seasons in the league. An athlete with that kind of drive and that kind of love for his adopted city is the stuff Toronto sports legends are made of.

So why is DeMar DeRozan such a source of grief for Raptors fans? Continue reading