4 Ideas: A Goal in Mind

A Goal in Mind is a co-ed, recreational soccer tournament held in Waterloo Region in support of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), National. The second iteration of the event will take place on June 25, 2016. Once again, all event proceeds will go to CMHA, National. All it takes to register is a minimum $25 donation. Sign up today!



It’s a question I’m asked every day. More often than not it is I who is asking. Why?

Why coordinate a soccer tournament that fundraises for mental health initiatives?

My answer tends to vary from one day to the next, but what follows is a list of the common themes that tend to emerge. Continue reading


So Long, Sam: An Academic Analysis of #TheProcess

Last night, in a not-entirely unexpected piece of NBA news, Sam Hinkie stepped down as General Manager of the Philadelphia 76ers. Three years into an unprecedented rebuilding effort, and with a 47-195 record since 2013-14 to show for it, the Sixers organization slowly phased Hinkie out: first hiring USA Basketball legend Jerry Colangelo to oversee operations, and now with the rumoured hiring of Colangelo’s son, Bryan, as the team’s new GM. 

Hinkie’s strategy drew its fair share of fans and detractors alike over the years. Closer to home, Canadian Collective’s own Tyson Lavigne was, and presumably still is, a supporter of the #TrustTheProcess movement. What’s more, I wrote a paper debating the moral dilemma of Hinkie’s methods during my final undergrad year of university. With the man behind one of the NBA’s most radical experiments stepping down, I thought now would be an appropriate time to share this paper. Written almost exactly one year ago, this piece gets into the nitty-gritty of what tanking means to NBA teams, and may give some clarity into what has transpired in Philadelphia over the past three seasons. So grab your finest sweater (preferably with elbow patches), throw on your reading glasses, and pour a glass of scotch if you’d like, because it’s time to get academic, NBA-style. Continue reading