Taking Hockey to New Heights

First of all, welcome to anyone reading this! I hope you enjoy my first blog post; hopefully the first of many.

I thought it would be great to share my experience working at the Rooftop Rink in Toronto. At the beginning of February, I had an amazing opportunity to participate in Molson Canadian’s #AnythingForHockey Rooftop Rink. You’ve probably seen it promoted in some form or another – if not, check out the YouTube link below.

I was hired as a Brand Ambassador through SDI Marketing to work at the rink, and I kid you not, it was probably one of the most unique experiences I have ever been a part of. I mean, it’s not every day you get to be on a rink, approximately 28 stories up, in the middle of downtown Toronto.


You might ask, what does one actually do while working there? There were a bunch of different jobs that our ambassador team had to accomplish. On the first floor (and the first layer of security), we would sign in guests, give them wristbands, and take them up to the 20th floor. From there, guests had to sign in at another registration table where they had to sign the necessary waivers, and in exchange, receive a rooftop access pass. In between the 20th floor and the roof, somebody always had to be stationed in the freight elevator – another layer of security as you needed a key card to get on the roof. Although “elevator duty” may seem like a mundane task, (and let me tell you, after a while, you forgot what the sun looked like), it was an amazing chance to talk with various guests and see how excited they were to see the rink for the first time. And that was an aspect that I absolutely loved. The final job was actually being up on the roof, managing the guests, timekeeping, and keeping score of 3-on-3 shinny. Overall, I must say that each job was unique and fun in its own way.

People from all over Canada who got to experience the rink, and they truly demonstrated that they would do #AnythingForHockey. While I can’t play hockey to save my life, even I got excited every time I went up to the rink. Personally, my favourite part of it was seeing everyone so excited to get up onto the roof. They would go up with big smiles on their faces and come down with even bigger smiles.

Although my time on the rink is done, I need to give a big shout out to the Molson and SDI staff who helped organize and run this event. Last year, the #AnythingForHockey campaign took people to a rink in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. This year, they were in the middle of downtown Toronto. I can’t wait to see what comes next!



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