Taking Hockey to New Heights

First of all, welcome to anyone reading this! I hope you enjoy my first blog post; hopefully the first of many.

I thought it would be great to share my experience working at the Rooftop Rink in Toronto. At the beginning of February, I had an amazing opportunity to participate in Molson Canadian’s #AnythingForHockey Rooftop Rink. You’ve probably seen it promoted in some form or another – if not, check out the YouTube link below.

I was hired as a Brand Ambassador through SDI Marketing to work at the rink, and I kid you not, it was probably one of the most unique experiences I have ever been a part of. I mean, it’s not every day you get to be on a rink, approximately 28 stories up, in the middle of downtown Toronto. Continue reading

The Foreign Contender


The emergence of the Toronto Raptors as an NBA power has created a new generation of basketball fans throughout the country. And the noticable improvements to the team’s culture should keep the fan base growing for the near future.

With a 40-19 record the Toronto Raptors have again been able to find success during the 2015-2016 season. The team currently holds the 2nd seed in the Eastern Conference, with a comfortable 4.5 game lead over the 3rd place Boston Celtics. They are certainly the biggest threat to overthrow the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Eastern Conference title. And while it was assumed that the team would perform well this season, they’ve managed to exceed nearly everyone’s expectations. Continue reading

Spring Training Storylines: Drew Storen


After a memorable run to the ALCS, it has been one of the most intriguing offseasons in the history of the Toronto Blue Jays. A front-office shakeup, the contract status of two beloved stars, and questions as to where the team stands among the MLB’s best has provided much fuel for discussion. Thankfully for fans, spring training is upon us, and with that, anticipation is building. Leading up to Opening Day 2016, Taylor Noble will be taking a look at some of the most prominent storylines facing this year’s edition of the Toronto Blue Jays. 

Like the majority of Blue Jays Nation, I was disappointed to see Ben Revere go this offseason. Defensively, he was easily the best player not named Kevin Pillar to man left field for the Jays last year (this catch during the ALCS still remains criminally underrated). When he got on base, the constant threat of him swiping an extra bag worked its way into opposing pitcher’s heads, keeping them constantly off-balance. Aside from that, he had many of the so-called “intangibles” GMs look for when putting together a championship club. In the brief time that he was here, I came to love and appreciate his attitude, work ethic, and of course, his sense of humour.

Even though Ben was only in Toronto a short while, I truly feel that he loved being a Blue Jay. In fact, there’s a garbage bin hiding somewhere in Kansas City that shows just how much he cared about this team.


This is the crazy thing about baseball: even though I’m a huge fan of Ben Revere and upset he won’t be returning, as a fan, this trade gets me pretty excited. The reason being? Drew Storen is now a Blue Jay. Continue reading

This Article Exists


Hello again, stranger. This is the companion piece to my first, An Absurd Introduction. Its better half if you will; its weirder half if you won’t. The first time ’round I touched on existentialism generally and Albert Camus’ absurdism specifically. I included abrasive quotations from Camus and provided interpretations, ultimately arguing that all this hopelessness wasn’t so bleak. The themes and aims continue here, in Part II. Cue Jean-Paul Sartre.  Continue reading